Meet Cid Barcellos: Gardening for a Greater Good

Grace Garden of the Davis United Methodist Church, located at the heart of Davis, California, is a sustainable garden with a cause. Grace Garden’s goal is to, “grow community which nourishes the body and spirit,” and donate nearly all of their harvest to help feed the hungry. And behind their big mission is a gardener and community leader with a big heart to match. Her name is Cid Barcellos.

From the ground up Cid has transformed the church’s empty lot space into a sustainable garden over the years. Harvesting for Davis Community Meals and finding therapy through the garden, in 2015 Cid was able to harvest 1,700 lbs of produce from the garden to spread throughout Davis. With the help of her many volunteers and their ga(u)rden cat, Gracie, Cid continues to spread not only her harvest, but shares her knowledge as a master gardener throughout the community.

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Give Your Soil A Healthy Boost With Used Green Tea Leaves and Coffee Grounds

Often times after our routine dose of morning tea or coffee, we throw out the loose leaves or used grounds of coffee thinking they’ve served their only use. However, the leftover remains from your warm cup of joe or tea can serve some extra good in your garden.

You can save the leaves or grounds and put them into your soil for added texture and soil health. These grounds and fresh leaves will act as a fertilizer and help improve the overall plant’s growth, health and vigor.
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Want to be a wizard? Start a garden!

If you love Lord of the Rings, magicians or fantastical things you should try growing your own food. When you put a plant or seed in the ground and you watch it grow and become an amazing bounty of fresh, yumminess you’ll feel like a powerful and awesome gardening wizard. It’s magical.

It’s also healthy, good for the environment, and a great way to calm nerves and recharge from our screen-time crammed lives.

But mainly it’s fun to feel like a wizard. And fresh tomatoes kick all store bought tomatoes to the curb.